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Learn To Live Again (LTLA) is a easy to follow three step program helping you achieve your goals.

Whether you have a lot of weight to lose or just a few kilos this program is working for thousands of people. Just for a moment think about summer; What it would be like to walk into a bathers or clothing store and purchase without the hurt or anxiety of not being able to find something that fits you?

Join our Learn To Live Again (LTLA) program now and start living today.

  • It’s easy to follow.
  • 3 simple steps.
  • Researched meal plans.
  • Trusted, safe nutritional products.
  • Exclusive access to LTLA online community of like-minded people who are on or have gone through the program.
  • Trained mentors that have been on the program and will assist you daily throughout the program.
  • Access to Esha's industry experience and extensive product knowledge.

Join today and start living!

Program Overview

Step 1: First 3 days

This is where you get off the blood sugar roller coaster, you get your appetite under control and you start to burn fat. During the first three days you will start your products and follow the Allowable Food List. Your body starts burning fat in this process.

Within a couple of days your blood sugar levels will start to balance and stabilise and you will start to feel more energy, less cravings and your body will start to utilise its own body fat for energy.

Step 2: Detox and fat loss

Step 2 usually goes for 27 days and although we are all unique, most people lose between 10-15kg. We can extend Step 2 to 37 days if you are wanting to increase your weight loss. Step 2 is the detox and fat burning stage. By following the meal plan your body will start to not only feel more energised due to balancing your insulin (insulin is a fat storage hormone – you’ll see my videos on this) and blood sugar levels, your hormones will start to come back into balance. Cravings will start to disappear, come back into balance. Cravings will start to disappear and you will feel the difference in how you move and sleep.

Step 2 is where we start to heal the gut and reduce inflammation. We increase your metabolism and enhance detoxification via the bowels and liver. You are losing weight and at the same time, you are also improving all your health parameters.

Step 3: Maintenance

We all love Maintenance as once you are here you are either at your ideal body weight or you are taking a small rest before you repeat Step 2 again to lose the remaining weight. This phase will normally last 21 days... but is designed to teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off.

Maintenance is designed to keep you at your weight at the end of step 2 however a number of people still keep losing small amounts on this stage. Maintenance keeps your hormones balanced. By this stage your insulin levels should be under control and you will be feeling more energised and mentally alert.

It is important to continue with the products during this stage. Keep in mind that the effect of the products is to cause your body to access the abnormal fat stores, so you will not be hungry and will not be lacking in energy.

All of the stages are to be followed on the program and once you have arrived at Step 3 Maintenance, if you need to lose more weight it is as simple as going back to Step 1.

About Esha

Esha Dwight
B.N.Sc.(Hons), G.D.N.Sc.(Hons), Ad.Dip.App.Sc., N.D.

Esha has dedicated her life to not only researching but practicing the Live Clean philosophy for nearly forty years. With a passion for training, Esha inspires, motivates and leads by example.

With over twenty five years’ experience as a naturopathic practitioner to her credit, Esha has earned her reputation as one of Australia’s leading lights in the field. Her use of breakthrough diagnostic techniques has set her ahead of the curve in the merging of traditional and scientific healthcare.

Esha holds a Bachelor of Natural Science with honours, a Graduate Diploma of Natural Science with honours, an Advanced Diploma of Applied Science and a Naturopathy Degree.

Esha has sat on Executive Committees and has established a network of integrated health clinics around Australia and NZ developing industry leading treatment protocols. She has formulated products such as listed medicines and wholistic foods and sits on the boards of multiple industry bodies and has unparalleled experience in the weight loss industry which underpin her specialist clinical knowledge and experience.

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Weight loss is not as simple as eating less and exercising more.

Our program consists of:

  • Daily support and guidance from our experienced Mentors who have been trained by Esha and have all successfully completed the program.
  • Support from our FaceBook group – Learn to Live Again who will be there to help you achieve your goals.
  • Access to health information which will help to support your body and speed up the process of weight loss.
  • Once you have reached your goals, we will help you with an eating plan that will allow you to live life to the full and enjoy food without rebound weight gain.

We are unique in the industry because all of our Mentors and Practitioners have been successful on the program. Our practitioners have tried and tested the program, they know how it feels and can help, advice and guide you every step of the way to achieve great success, like they have.

Men who are at high risk Type 2 Diabetes after the program are at normal levels again. Lipid profiles such as cholesterol goes down, LDL levels go down, HDL (the good fats) go up and triglycerides go down.
Sheryl Brown who literally halved her body weight from 143kg to 63.8kgs.

Lost 79.15kg

I feel amazing Esha, I have lost 10kg here and there before but never like this.

In total I've lost 16kg in 6 weeks. Thank you so much!

LS - Western Australia

Sleep apnea is gone; Blood pressure was 180/122 and as of last week 122/72; Clothes and suits fit me again; Feeling good!

Lost 18.3kg in 9 weeks! What's there not to like at my end!!

DK - Victoria

There are no other programs on the market that get the results we do!

What's unique

Our weight loss program has not only been written by practitioners and researchers specialising in fat loss and body composition for over 25 years, it has been designed to reduce the overall inflammation in your body and bring your hormones back into balance during the first phase.

This program is for men and women of all ages. By bringing the hormones back into balance by a gently detoxifying, your body WILL lose weight. Gut repair is the missing link in weight loss industry and why we are unique. We repair the gut by a combination of mono-eating and a modified caloric intake. This is made sustainable by the best nutritional products to support the process.

The biggest difference is you are actually training your body to live differently so yoyo weight gain is eliminated.

You WILL achieve your weight goals and MAINTAIN them.

How long will it take to see a difference?

It is only days before you start to see and feel the difference not only on the outside but inside too. Weight loss starts in the first few days. You will have less bloating, less flatulence, more energy and increased wellbeing.

Real food for real people

No shakes or protein bars

No starvation

Are You Ready?

Our program will change your life - so many testimonials of men and women going on the program not only losing body fat but increasing their overall health.

  • One-off cost and no monthly fees
  • No membership
  • No lock-ins
  • Free one-on-one mentoring support
  • Trained mentors will guide and support you throughout the whole program
  • Program is tailored to meet your individual needs

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