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We all want what’s best for our kiddies, because a healthy kiddie (especially when they are young) is a happy kiddie. To give our children the greatest start in life, it is crucial we ensure they are getting everything they need from their diet so they can absorb the nutrients they need for proper growth and development.

Unfortunately, as many us parents know, this is not always easy. There can be hurdles in the way of giving our children good food such as changing tastebuds and fussy eating habits limiting the number of food types they eat.

Poor digestion can also limit the amount of nutrients they absorb from their food, whilst exposure to the various viruses and illnesses at day care and school further increases their need for immune supporting nutrients. With all these factors it highlights the need for covering all nutritional bases to help develop your kids into healthy adults.

Food preferences and eating behaviours have been examined in order to highlight the topic of children’s nutrition. ‘Children’s eating behaviours are fundamental to their health. Dietary surveys indicate that children’s food consumption is likely to promote a range of diet-related diseases, including overweight and obesity, which are associated with a range of psychosocial and physical disorders. With the prevalence of overweight and obesity rapidly increasing, opportunities for informed prevention have become a focus of strategy’[i]

 As parents, we all like to believe we’re doing the very best for our children at every stage of their lives. One place we can all focus our energies is on the special requirements children have when it comes to nutrition and nutrients.

As many children restrict the number of foods they eat, micro nutrient deficiency is very common. As most researchers and healthcare professionals  believe that our bodies need 40 different types of nutrients, which are made up of approximately 20 trace elements and minerals, 15-16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids, children run the risk of not getting all the essential vitamins and minerals and can predispose a child to a variety of disorders.  Children also need these vitamins for proper development, to raise their immune systems to fight viruses & disease and to recover from injury, not to mention better health long term.

Supporting your child’s digestive system is not just important when they are young and have upset tummies. Scientific research now shows a plethora of studies demonstrating the role of the digestive system in promoting strong immune function and protecting against longer term development of various diseases such as poor mental health, obesity and immune dysfunction. Supporting your child’s gut health is easy with a good quality probiotic.

Probiotics increase digestive function through encouraging the growth of beneficial gut flora and reducing the number of bad bacteria responsible for tummy issues, digestive problems and potentially ill health. It is always important that when your child is on an antibiotic that Probiotics are given to replenish the beneficial gut flora wiped out by these medications and to reduce the risk of digestive symptoms such as antibiotic-associated diarrhoea.

Most people don’t think about ‘why’ we eat and most just think of eating as a response to hunger however food provides the energy sources and raw materials for the body to create, repair and maintain itself.  Financial, lifestyle, societal and other reasons; good quality sources of nutrition may not always be available and dietary factors, such as eating highly processed foods and low fibre, can all contribute to a child with poor wellbeing.

There are things you can do about it though. Get your children following your lead when it comes to good eating. By laying the foundation with quality nutrition and a good diet you can start them off in life with a strong immune system that when faced with the hurdles life may put ahead of them, they can  have the immunity and resilience to combat any problems and be the happy, healthy child you hope for them to be.

Ensuring your child enjoys a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise is the ideal start. In circumstances where optimum nutrition may not be achieved, the following Modere products may be able to play a role in optimising your children’s potential for great health and optimal wellbeing.

The following products are for Australasia however please reach out and we can share our similar products for children all around the world:

Kids want to grow up to be big and strong, and chewable vitamins and minerals in Children’s Multivitamin can help them do just that! The advanced formula contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support children in their growth phase. Other areas that are involved is maintaining good eyesight, maintaining normal healthy immunity, involved in metabolic reactions, supporting the nervous system and mental attitude, supporting appetite, helping in motion sickness, assisting in energy production, maintaining normal cell growth and cell division.

Probiotics increase digestive function through encouraging the growth of beneficial gut flora and reducing the number of bad bacteria responsible for tummy issues and digestive problems.

Learning forms the basis for education and supporting memory and alertness. Focus provides good support for your child’s brain health.

If you child is suffering from symptoms of colds and flu, Immune Health’s blend of Echinacea, thyme and hyssop can help ease their symptoms and support convalescence. Another product to consider is Respiratory Health which has been formulated to ease mucous congestion, bronchial coughs, catarrh and the pain of influenza when there is deep aching. Key ingredients including a combination of horseradish, mullein and horehound make Respiratory Health an excellent alternative to over-the-counter cough medicines.

Antioxidant is a potent antioxidant and a powerful free radical scavenger. Children should be eating the recommended five servings or more of fruits and vegetable each day so if your child is struggling to meet the daily requirements, Antioxidant may be of assistance. For Children aged 7 and over

As children are growing their digestive systems are still maturing. Poor food choices, not chewing food enough and drinking and eating at the same time can upset a child’s digestion. To assist with your child’s digestive needs please speak to your LTLA Mentor about our LTLA LifeStyle Food Lists and Meal Plans.

Here are some further dietary tips that will help you kids keep strong, robust and nourish your children:

  • Include protein with every meal to assist in balancing blood sugar levels. This also assists in good behaviour and energy levels.
  • Breakfast is important for children (& Adults too!). Encourage protein-based breakfast such as eggs, or organic whole rolled oats. Role model to your child and eat breakfast with them.
  • Pack a healthy lunch box for your child. Include foods such as:

– Whole meal or Gluten Free pita bread with cheese, hummus (try our LTLA Hummus), lean protein and salad. Whole grains increase the total fibre in your child’s diet and are less processed than enriched white bread.

– Left-over meats from their favourite meal the night before.

– Low GI fruit such as green apples, strawberries, kiwi fruit or dried fruits such as goji berries.

– Cut up different coloured raw vegetables.

  • Make eating fun – involved children in the cooking process and allow them to plan for certain meals. Try and have fun in the kitchen and encourage them to cook and help out as much as possible.
  • Encourage children to chew their food well and not to eat and drink at the same time.
  • Nutrients to support digestive health including fibre and probiotics should be consumed regularly.

For more helpful tips please ask to be added into our LTLA Community Group.

As a responsible parent or guardian, your children should be supervised in the use of any of these products and always remember to heed the directions and any product warnings on the label and consult your healthcare professional should symptoms persist.

[i] Family food environments as determinants of preschool-aged children`s eating behaviours: implications for obesity prevention policy. A review. – Campbell, Karen, Crawford, David


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