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Weight Loss

5 Reasons why you’re not losing weight from exercise alone

5 Reasons why you’re not losing weight from exercise alone People exercise for a range of different reasons, however weight loss tends to be the main motivator. Unfortunately more often than not, exercise alone simply doesn’t work or is only a short term solution that eventually leads to all, and often more of the weight ... Read More

Healthy Lifestyle

Christmas Survival Guide

THE CHRISTMAS SURVIVAL GUIDE – MY TOP TIP SECRETS REVEALED It has been a big year for so many people and everyone deserves to relax and enjoy the holiday season. However, Christmas can be an interesting time of the year for many. For some it represents family, love and the giving of gifts to & ... Read More

Weight Loss

The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

Most people who lose weight end up putting all the weight (and sometimes a bit more) back on! Ever wondered why that is? It’s nothing to do with will power or lack of determination. It’s got a lot to do with one aspect of body weight called the Body Weight Set Point and most diets ... Read More

Weight Loss

Are you an emotional eater, turning to food for comfort?

Do you turn to food when you feel stressed or unbalanced? If you’re an emotional eater you generally use food on a regular basis to address emotional needs instead of using other coping or soothing methods. Emotional needs can range from stress or boredom to celebratory or reward behaviour. Have you ever found yourself eating ... Read More

Healthy Lifestyle

Just how toxic is your lifestyle?

In this blog I am going to go over in detail what you can do to remove some of the harmful toxins in your household that  are probably causing harm to your body. There are now more than 2,000 new chemicals being produced every year that infiltrate our soil, air, water and food supply. Exposure ... Read More

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