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Inny & Ty

Through my whole life I was always a very active person, surfer, swimmer, and worked out since I was 13. I was never really concerned about my body and I was always happy with it. There was always a big issue and lowered my self-esteem: my skin. As I had it since young age, I ... Read More

Success Stories


Having been over weight for most of my life and have tried many different diets with little to no success.  I would lose 10-15kg and then just seem to run into a brick wall.  Then I would bungy back to what I was before plus some more.  My family and I decided to give the ... Read More

Gut Health

Understanding stress and how it affects our health

It is very well recognised that many people globally are affected by stress. They may have high levels of anxiety, sleep issues or are just generally feeling in a low mood. Our bodies, under stressful conditions are usually very adaptable. Normal healthy stress responses are beneficial to mental and physical health; it challenges us, encourages ... Read More

Gut Health

Our little ones…

OUR LITTLE ONES… We all want what’s best for our kiddies, because a healthy kiddie (especially when they are young) is a happy kiddie. To give our children the greatest start in life, it is crucial we ensure they are getting everything they need from their diet so they can absorb the nutrients they need ... Read More

Gut Health

Illness prevention

Have you ever wondered why some ILLNESSES affect some people more than others? The simple answer is, it’s all to do with the immune system. Children, the elderly and those with suppressed immune systems are most susceptible whilst those with a healthy immune system tend not to be affected. Most illnesses produce relatively mild, cold ... Read More

Gut Health

What do you think about detox?

For many people it can be very confusing and in some instances conjures up all sorts of negative images and perceptions.  OK… Let’s see what it really means. Given you are reading this you may have a keen interest in health and believe in the old saying – ‘prevention is better than cure’ (it’s easier ... Read More

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