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This is my story. Following my amazing mother, Judith Barnett’s transformation when she started LTLA, I decided to do something about my own body and weight after forever being the “big guy” or “big fella” at school, work and in the social scene. I started the LTLA program in July 2019 and by September 2019 ... Read More

Success Stories


Hello everybody, I thought this moment will never arrive, it’s been 4 months. But finally I’m happy to share with all this beautiful community my story. Because of hormonal disorders, I had this acne reaction in my face, making me feel extremely frustrated, insecure and depressed. I never hated myself that much, I had never ... Read More

Success Stories


I now walk out of shopping centres almost crying because I love my body so much… for the first time ever. Learn to Live Again has been the best choice I have ever made and it taught me life long lessons about health choices and foods that work well for my body. I am appalled ... Read More

Success Stories


Having unsuccessfully tried various diets in the past I decided to give LTLA a try. I have since lost 2 stone (12.7 kg) and couldn’t be happier. Lowest weight I’ve been in years. Total Weight Lost 12.7 kgs* BEFORE AFTER Posted by LTLA with permission. Real customer testimonial. This program is not intended to diagnose, ... Read More

Success Stories


I started my journey with LTLA at the beginning of March 2019, after suffering digestive problems for the past 6 months, my initial weight was close to 78 kg, I reached my goal by end of May and continued losing weight on stage 3 and have lost an amazing total of 17Kg. I would have ... Read More

Success Stories

Maria & Jair

(Maria and Jair are Innys mum and dad) When I arrived back home in Brasil in January, my mother was overweight, had joint pains, was unhealthy, unhappy and I could really tell how her confidence was low. My father was looking older and just did not have the right energy. It wasn’t easy to convince ... Read More

Success Stories


Realising I needed to make change I was introduced to the LTLA program and took up the challenge to lose weight. I finished the program early December and have held off the 17 kgs I lost over the Christmas break without missing any of my normal fun! I feel energised, clear headed and full of ... Read More

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