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Whatever you do – do not set a new year resolution!

Make 2020 different. Yep, you’ve probably heard this all before and tried many different times to get to your New Year Resolution however you are reading this for a reason.

We can learn so much from the past – it is our best teacher if you are aware that every situation is an opportunity to grow. I’ve always had the mindset that everything happens to me for a reason and I can choose to either learn from it or basically continue what I am doing hoping that I will get a different result. As the saying goes “Do what you always did…you’ll get what you always got!”. A simple saying however so accurate.

It’s all about the approach, and your plan to accomplish it and one of the things we have learnt in LTLA is that NYR tend to be too wishy washy, too black and white and often just put together words that reflect what we don’t want rather on what we do want. Sound familiar?

So now is the time to do something different. Change what you have done in the past so you can now change your outcome. In LTLA we reclaim the words ‘New Year Resolutions’ and turn them into ‘New Year’s Goals’!

Studies have shown that an amazing 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by 15th January whereas between 50-90% of people who take a structured approach to goal setting achieve them.

I know which odds I prefer!

The fact is – goals direct your focus and attention. Combine a goal with a strong reason or ‘Why’ then you can keep the goal focused in the face of adversity.

We’ve got a great questionnaire that helps you work out you ‘why’ so just let us know and we will send onto you. Getting to your goals, no matter how big or how small can increase your self-confidence and truly tap into your true potential. This is what LTLA is all about.

Athletes tap into this usually very well. An elite athlete will know that small simple steps performed daily will get them to their bigger goal very quickly.

By setting a big long-term goal and then taking simple steps daily, you will achieve your dreams. Trust us, we have helped so many.

Now is the time to reflect and to really think about what you want over the next 12 months. If you love making a New Year Resolution & you can stick to them, then don’t stop however for those who really struggle, let us help you place the small daily steps into practice so that you can actually sustain it for the whole year rather than it just becoming words that you’ve written on your vision board or screen saver.

Here are our key LTLA tips for setting your goals AND achieving them:

#1. Take at least an hour, with no distractions and think, specifically about what you want to achieve

Use positive language (not words like – ‘I wish’ or ‘I hope’, or ‘I think this might be good for me’. Positive language creates positive goals). Words create your reality however that is for our next blog!

Be specific with your goals:

  • Lose 10kg in 30 days or in 60 days so I have more energy to swim or walk every day.
  • Make some big challenging goals as these will help you get out of your comfort zone and help you grow.
  • Set goals that are just beyond your reach, but not too far beyond your reach as this will keep you motivated.

#2. Don’t just set one goal – set three!

 Setting 3 big goals is manageable – If you have too many your attention may get scattered.

If its weight loss you want – that’s one goal but have two more that relate to that. Might be run a half marathon or go cycling with grand kids. Make it relevant to your main goal but make them specific challenges that fall out from achieving your main goal.

#3. Write them down!

Successful people always write down their goals. There are studies showing a written goal will come to fruition much more quickly.

#4. Break your goals down into smaller steps

Now here is the part that LTLA can help you with. Plan out what you are going to do daily and then weekly to help you keep to your goals. This is the KEY to your success. Daily action steps will get to your goal so much quicker. You will feel so much more in control by taking small daily steps to work up to your main goal.

#5. Set deadlines

Make sure you assign a deadline to your goal. Write key events in your planner so that you can work your goal dates around your deadlines.  

#6. Find an accountability buddy

Now, I am going to share one of our little success secrets here and one of the key reasons we are so successful with our results in LTLA.

Your Mentor will help keep you accountable and be there to remind you of your ‘why’ or reason you have set your goal in the first place.

Make sure you chose someone trained and experienced in helping others keep their goals. They need to be someone who can be honest with you when you need to dig deep and get through ‘tough’ days.

& finally…Bring it on!

I love the end of year as it gives me the time to reflect on what I want to accomplish in the coming year. By learning how to focus on what you do want, rather than on what you don’t want in your life, it is amazing how quick your goals become reality. When I started turning my resolutions into goals, my success and motivation just sky rocketed. I want this for you. 2020 can be your best year ever if you want it.

Reach out if you need help with goal setting and we will give you some further hints and tips of getting everything you desire and more importantly deserve.

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