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Ok, so I knew that I could do with losing a kilo or two, however never really regarded myself as overweight. I felt good, exercised (sort of) and enjoyed life to the fullest. I’m a foodie after all. Lifes too short not to enjoy the finer things…right?

Wrong…one routine trip to the doctor for a mid-life men’s health check revealed some pretty scary stuff that, if I did not change the way I lived, it would probably mean that life could well be too short!

Enter the LTLA weight Loss program. 17 kgs lost and subsequent blood test results came back (and these are the doctor’s actual words) as “Boringly Normal”

2 years later and I have maintained the weight loss in full, and yes, I very much still enjoy life, including all those finer indulgences. I just do it in a very very different way.



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