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Through my whole life I was always a very active person, surfer, swimmer, and worked out since I was 13. I was never really concerned about my body and I was always happy with it. There was always a big issue and lowered my self-esteem: my skin.

As I had it since young age, I kind of excepted it. Until December of 2018, when it became so inflamed that I didn’t even feel like leaving my room. And I touched base with Esha Dwight, the naturopath formulator of LTLA, and she told me that the symptoms were showing gut health issues and autoimmune response. So, I decided to do the Gut Repair Program.

Surprisingly it did work! And best of all, I saw my whole body, skin, hair, nails, mood, energy levels improve, and I became so much more toned than before. Since then I have been following the LTLA lifestyle program.

I never want to go back to how unhealthy I unhealthy I was, and I am happy I learned that not being overweight does not mean we are healthy. If your gut is not healthy, you can experience many other health issues, and becoming overweight is just one of many.

Thank you LTLA for changing my life! – Inny


I always thought that working out hard was going to make me show muscle and look lean, however did not consider the layer of fat on top that makes it impossible to show the muscles. No matter how hard I trained, I never obtained the results I wanted and just got bloated and bulked up.

I thought that I would look stronger if I ate heavy foods, like pasta, burgers basically high carb diet, but I realised even though I was getting bigger, I was looking really bloated, I had low energy and mood swings. I wanted to get rid of the fat and that’s when I tried LTLA.

Since doing the LTLA Program, I now know that fat retention is 80% Nutrition and 20% exercising. I learned what foods are compatible, easy digested, low reactive and give the correct nutrition that allowed me to lose fat quickly in a healthy and sustainable way and allowed my training to deliver results.

I’m happy I learned that eating the right carbs and keeping the gut healthy is the easiest way to show muscles. – Ty









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