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a profitable online health

& wellness business

8th DECEMBER 2022
7.30 PM ACDT Time 

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What You’ll Learn in this Webinar:

How anyone, with no health or business background can quickly earn income and scale to whatever level you want, whilst working around their existing commitments, just by helping people make healthy life choices.

We will share with you...

The four key elements you need for any business venture to succeed

So even if this is not for you at least you have learned something of great value

Why the current economic, yes we are in a recession, means there really has never been a better time to take control of you & your families financial future

How to make a 300% return on investment in the first 30 days & a massive 1900% return after only 60 - 90 days

Real life stories from everyday people just like you who are creating amazing futures for themselves and their families

Secrets to creating a financial income you want and to find real passion, purpose and reward in the process

How changes in the way people want to learn & earn income, has revolutionised an entire industry

Who is this for?

People who love to work with us usually fall into one of three categories.

They are people who want to...



Like Kylie...

Kylie and her husband, Pastor Ted run their own church & small farm and are devoted to serving their community.

Kylie has helped transform hundreds of peoples lives since starting her LTLA business and has done so whilst also working full time and running the church.

Her heart is devoted to helping others and her LTLA business allows her to give the greatest gift of all, health. As well as the added bonus that her business income pays for the all the farm animals feed each month.


Like Alicia...

Alicia is a stay at home mum who is building her wellness empire around her family. 

After finally becoming a mum later in life, the thought of going back and working for someone else or creating new programs for her Lifestyle coaching business did not sit well.

After the LTLA programs transformed her own health and got her mojo back, Alicia is now using her passion for a wellness lifestyle and creating a thriving global business without sacrificing family time all while being a full time mamma.


Like Jaala...

Jaala is a passionate yoga teacher who offers private 1-1 restorative yoga sessions, tailored to suit each individual.

She transformed her own health with LTLA and has added this to her existing business as a complimentary service to her customers where she specialises in Gut Health & Weight Loss using LTLA Programs.

Jaala is the first to admit she is not good with technology and loves the ongoing support, guidance and training as her business grows.

Your Webinar Hosts:

Esha Dwight & Ian Horne

Esha & Ian launched LTLA (Learn to Live Again) in 2018 and together they are on a mission to bring simple, affordable and effective health solutions to people all over the world.

Esha is Australasia's leading gut health expert and has brought her 35+ years of clinical experience to create an online system that has already helped transform thousands of lives globally. 

Ian has a rich business background and uses his experience to help people with no health or business background to run their own LTLA business, using simple systems allowing flexibility to build & earn income around other commitments.

What people are saying about their LTLA business


Stay at Home Single Mum

Rae built her business during Covid lock-downs

"I totally transformed my health with LTLA and decided I wanted to help others do the same.

I lost my job during Covid and I have built my LTLA business during lock-downs.

This is now my full-time career & I love how simple everything is to follow. I am creating an amazing future for my son and I, whilst helping others and developing myself."

Lisa & Brett

Professional Couple

Lisa & Brett have a vision to travel full-time whilst running their LTLA business

"We both had incredible results on the LTLA Weight Loss Program, losing a combined total of 45kgs.

People saw our transformation and asked how we did it and that's really how the business started for us.

We both have busy full-time professional careers and we are building our LTLA business to become our main career. We love that its all online as we plan to travel in the future and plan to run our business from anywhere."


Business Owner

Nagi is passionate about non-toxic products

"I am passionate about healthy, clean living and inspiring others to be the best they can be.

I run my own cleaning business that specialises in using non-toxic products and I added LTLA to my business to offer a wider service range to my exiting customers and also allow me to attract new clients.

My business already is growing in Australia and India and I plan to expand into Japan next."


Corporate Executive

Sally is a busy corporate executive & single mum of two teenagers

"I lead an extremely busy life and manage my LTLA business around my demanding corporate career and parenting my children as a single mum.

My LTLA business income has allowed me to pay for both my children's private school fees as well as extensive orthodontic treatments.

The simple LTLA systems allows me to manage my business in the limited time I have available and I am building this for the future as a way to transition from my corporate career."


Elite Athlete

Ollie is passionate about gut health & helps athletes get that extra 1%

"For years I suffered from debilitating IBS and underwent every possible treatment to try and cure it.

I eventually overcame it through the LTLA Gut Repair Program and have become a passionate advocate of gut health particularly in younger people ever since.

As an elite athlete, I run my LTLA business in my spare time where I help young people with gut issues as well as helping other athletes achieve optimum gut health to maximise sporting performance.

I love that everything is online as I have been able to keep growing my business as my rugby career means I have to travel a lot."


Ex-Travel Agent

Debbie knows how hard traditional business is

"I previously owned and ran a real estate and property management business and I know how difficult and risky traditional business can be.

I also had serious health issues and reversed these, avoiding surgery with the LTLA Weight Loss Program and started my own LTLA business to help women who were also suffering as I was.

At that time I was working as a travel agent, however lost my job during Covid, so started to build my LTLA business full-time and quickly replaced my income, as well as being rewarded with holidays and a new car."



Marina is a full-time teacher and passionate about all things health

"As a nutritionist, well-being leader and science teacher, my passions have always been health and education.

I started my LTLA business to help others like me as, even though I was very health conscious, it was only after doing the LTLA Gut Repair Program that I really flourished and obtained optimal health & wellness.

I now share this with others and run my business around my full-time career.

I am so grateful... it has been truly life changing and I am working towards my goal of running wellness retreats full time."


Health Business Owner

Philippa has plugged LTLA into her existing business

"I  had amazing results using the collagen products and saw how I could add value to my existing customers, as well as add an additional stream of income to my existing health & fitness business.

I was skeptical about how LTLA would work for me and  if I would be able to manage it with everything else going on.

I must say I have been amazed, how easy its been and how quickly I have earned income. It's really growing quickly and I love the support that's given. I'm super excited for the future with LTLA."


Transformation Coach

Tynan is an entrepreneur with a passion for health

"I have always been passionate about health (disclosure here - my mum is LTLA founder, Esha Dwight, so I guess I didn't really have a choice!)

I have always been interested in business and being in control of my financial future, so it was such a natural fit to start my LTLA business to help others transform their health by sharing my knowledge with them.

I actually started my business whilst living in Brazil and love how I can travel and keep growing my business. AlI I need is my phone and internet and I can work from anywhere.

It's so simple. I love it and find the rewards go way beyond just financial ones."

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