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I started my journey with LTLA at the beginning of March 2019, after suffering digestive problems for the past 6 months, my initial weight was close to 78 kg,

I reached my goal by end of May and continued losing weight on stage 3 and have lost an amazing total of 17Kg. I would have been happy losing 10kg but I am over the moon with the unexpected final result, an added bonus. Prior to starting LTLA I felt and looked like a middle aged overweight woman, which made me feel old, didn’t like myself at all and, fortunately, LTLA turned the clock back for me. I feel and, they say, I look 10 years younger, my skin is great, my digestion is back to normal, I am full of energy and I have gained self-confidence and like what I see in the mirror again.

My daughter has been able to pass on some of her clothes, which fit me like a dream. She also did the LTLA Gut Repair Program and dropped a few kilos but she will post her own testimonial.

I have enjoyed the cooking and the meal plan and most of all, the health results. I had a general check-up and all results came back positive.

Now maintaining on the Lifestyle Plan, to enjoy a healthier life.

The LTLA program has taught me a lot about nutrition and the effects on our body and I continue learning every day. It is definitely a health training program and the most effective weight loss program I have ever done and, believe me, I have tried a few over the years.

I truly recommend this program to anyone that has excess weight, health issues or simply wishes to improve their well-being. Once you start you cannot stop, you will Learn To Live Again. Stick to the program, trust your mentor and most of all, believe in yourself.



Posted by LTLA with permission. Real customer testimonial. This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

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