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Lean Body System
+ FREE Exercise Program

Exercise Alone is Not Enough!

The holistic way to health & total body transformation

We all know that exercise alone is not the answer. One hour of exercise is great, however without considering the other 23 hours in a day, you will not get the results you deserve.

We have combined our AMAZING Lean Body System with a FREE easy to use, yet highly effective 12 Week Exercise Program that takes a holistic approach to health & body transformation.

It’s for those who want to “Exercise their way to Health”, lose weight, tone up, shape their body and start living their best life.

Created by LTLA founder and Health Practitioner, Esha Dwight B.N.Sc.(Hons), leading Naturopathic Practitioner & gut health expert and qualified Personal Trainer (Cert IV – Fitness) & Professional Athlete, Ollie Horne.

LBS PLUS exercise, like all LTLA Programs has good gut health as its underlying principle.

Did you know...

The more
Lean Muscle Mass
you have

... the longer you will live!

A simple, affordable program that offers so much value, LBS PLUS Exercise is all about good body composition – that is, the ratio of fat to muscle in your body.

Why is that important? In simple terms, the more muscle we have, the healthier we are and the longer we tend to live.

This easy to use exercise program is designed to cater for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. It can be done alone, with a partner or as part of a group for that extra bit of competition and fun. The exercises require only minimal equipment and can be done anywhere. Each exercise has a video demonstration and explanation and by incorporating “Progressions” (make harder) and “Regressions” (make easier) into each exercise, you can work out at your level to get the maximum benefit.

The three core products that form part of the program work together with the grain free meal plan and food list to take the load off the gut and repair the damage that has been done over time, which in turn allows you to get the best results from the exercise component.

Say goodbye to the gym and say hello to LEAN BODY SYSTEM PLUS EXERCISE.

All LBS Plus Exercise Programs Include...

Lean Body System Plus Exercise Program Options


LBS Plus Exercise - Basic

A 12 week comprehensive on-line exercise program designed to give you a whole body transformation & improve your body composition.


  • Burn: Our natural multi-action thermogenic  that helps you burn extra calories and lose fat.
  • Activate: Naturally helps eliminate toxins, Ignites digestive energy & Supports the elimination of waste.
  • Shape: Our targeted product that contains CLA for building lean muscle mass and body shaping & Collagen/HA Matrix Technology to nourish the body, joints and skin.

    PLUS – FREE 12 Week Exercise Program

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LBS Plus Exercise - Energise

This pack includes everything that comes with the LBS PLUS Exercise Basic pack, however also adds a focus on gut health giving you increased energy & vitality.


  • Probiotic: Designed to create balance and an environment where good bacteria can flourish.
  • Aloe Vera: Our 100% organic aloe soothes & supports gut wellbeing.
  • Chocolate Shake Pea Protein: Our delicious plant sourced raw pea protein that will assist in preserving lean muscle mass while on the program.
  • Carb Blocker: Reduces the conversion of starchy foods into sugars in your system.

    PLUS – FREE 12 Week Exercise Program
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LBS Plus Exercise - Collagen Loading

This is our premium pack for those who want to feel good on the inside & look great on the outside! You get everything that comes with the Energise Pack plus Collagen Loading.


  • Liquid BioCell® PURE: Includes two bottles of our super nutraceutical, award-winning multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix™. This contains all the benefits of natural type II collagen that is essential for body composition, skin and joint health giving you the ultimate body transformation.
  • Access to our LTLA Collagen Loading resources and supporting documents.

    PLUS – FREE 12 Week Exercise Program












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