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Looking for better skin

Looking for better skin?

It’s a few weeks until a new year, and the perfect time to embrace some great healthy habits. Make the commitment and reap the rewards of looking & feeling better and energetic in 2020 and beyond!

In LTLA, we get results. We help people get to their health goals quickly and safely, whether that be better body shape or better health in general. We do that very very well. However, we always must remember that not only is it what we ingest and eat and drink, it’s also about what we place on our skin that matters! Most of us forget this.

  • Our programs teach you how to repair and optimise your body on the inside; however, the way we treat our body on the outside is equally important.
  • We repair your gut, so it works efficiently allowing good nutrients to be absorbed whilst filtering out and eliminating harmful toxins.
  • Your skin is different. It can’t distinguish between good and harmful elements. It’s like a sponge – it will absorb everything, and that absorption can either be good or bad.
  • Just as putting highly processed foods in your body is harmful, putting processed skin products on your skin is equally as damaging and can undo the good work you have done to repair your body internally!
  • Health requires a holistic approach.

 If you want better skin, here are my top tips for understanding your skin.

Tip #1: Your skin is like a sponge – it will absorb everything! A simple rule when you want to start looking after your skin is to follow the same rules for a healthy diet – what you put on top and around it, WILL get absorbed whether that be a healthy or unhealthy chemical.  As with all our programs, look for unprocessed ingredients without harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Tip #2: Did you know that your skin is the most visible signs of the aging process. The pace at which your skin ages depends on a number of factors including genetics, unprotected sun & cold exposure and stress. Protecting the skin against unnecessary exposures and reducing stress whilst using skin products that contain safe natural ingredients can drastically reduce the ageing of the skin.

Tip #3: Did you know there are health factors that contribute directly to poor skin? The following affect the ageing of the skin however the good news is that all of these can be corrected quickly and easily.

  • Blood sugar issues
  • Immune issues
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Poor hygiene
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Gut issues/toxicity
  • Slow, under active excretory organ function (liver, bowel, kidneys)

Tip #4: Skin brush, skin brush, skin brush!! If you want vibrant looking skin, dry skin brush daily. The skin’s role in eliminating waste products is so important that we often refer to it as ‘the third kidney’. If there is poor elimination of waste products from the skin’s surface other health issues can arise. See our website blog on skin brushing.

Tip #5: Yes, you knew I would mention this…A good diet is essential when it comes to good skin. A diet high in fibre, antioxidants, essential fatty acids from nuts and fish plus lots & lots of good quality water is highly recommended. Water intake and hydrating the body is essential for healthy skin as well as optimal brain function. Sugar & over consumption of dairy will cause different types of skin issues so make sure you reduce sugar, white flour, refined and processed oils, and dairy products. If you are not on one of our programs reach out for some quick tips on things you can do right now with your diet to help make your skin look clearer and healthier.

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