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Maria & Jair

(Maria and Jair are Innys mum and dad)

When I arrived back home in Brasil in January, my mother was overweight, had joint pains, was unhealthy, unhappy and I could really tell how her confidence was low. My father was looking older and just did not have the right energy.

It wasn’t easy to convince her that she needed to change her eating habits and do LTLA program to repair her gut and lose weight in order to get her happiness and wellbeing back, and it took a while until she decided that it was time to get out of the comfort zone and do something about it.

It took a bit of time, but she agreed to give it a go. It wasn’t easy, at all! Changing is hard, FOR EVERYONE! But she kept strong, and after a few weeks I could just see my happy and beautiful mother back. Once she started getting her Gut health back, her energy, happiness, no more joint pains, more confidence, and no more mood swings, she was another woman, and realised how worth it is eating healthy and clean.

Now she is 14kg down, loves eating salad, cooking healthy meal and knows the importance of gut health not just for weight loss, but for our health as a whole.

My father ended up changing his eating habits too and lost 7kg just for being around us and eating our food.

Now they are going to Gym, feeling younger, full of energy, my mother says she is much more productive at work, and dad is a much happier and younger looking man.







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