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I’m Lisa…

It felt like we had been in the pandemic forever and I was asking myself WHY a lot.

   > WHY did I not enjoy life anymore?

   > WHY did I feel the need to drink every night to escape?

   > WHY did I let myself get so fat?

   > WHY didn’t I want to go out and see my friends or family anymore?

I had all these questions but no answers, so it got worse!

I know this will sound crazy but when I had to buy size 14 clothes something just snapped. I was so upset that I literally cut all the tags out of the clothes I had just bought. It wasn’t long before they too were just too tight to wear.

That’s when I decided that I was going to try to get some support. I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t know who to turn to for help, I wasn’t sure I could do this..

Then I found LTLA.

My love of cooking has returned, I’m feeling healthy and like I don’t need to escape life with alcohol, I’ve lost 10kg and I’m back in my size 10 dresses. I’m confident to go out again and see my friends and family.

My life has completely changed in such a short time and the beautiful thing is so has my husbands and together we are actually “Living Life”

I’m Brett…

For many years, I was busy with work and the expectations of entertaining clients – constant lunches, dinners and sporting events with plenty of food and drink, take away foods, poor diet, early mornings and late nights and the mentality of ‘it will never happen to me!’

Then along came Covid 19, which compounded things, working from home, no exercise, eating badly and too much wine!

I realised that this was a selfish lifestyle and very unfair to my family if, God forbid, something was to happen to me! So after being the heaviest id ever been and pretty unfit, I decided to do something about it.

Thanks to my wife, Lisa, we recently embarked on a gut health and weight loss program, something quite different from the normal approach and one that worked in well with my busy lifestyle. I started this journey on 10th January and in the first 30 days I had lost 14.1 kg and felt amazing!

I didn’t quite hit the goal weight I set for myself so decided to go for another 30 days and by the end of that I had lost 25kgs, more than 10cm off my chest, 10cm off my gut and 5cm off my hips and legs…but the weight loss wasn’t the best part.

The real bonus was getting rid of all the toxic medications I was on. I have managed to get my Blood Pressure back into the normal range without any medications, my GP has taken me off Reflux medication that I have been on for many years and I am no longer taking Cholesterol medication.

Even more exciting is my Sleep Apnoea seems to have gone away and my snoring has reduced to almost zero, much to the delight of my wife!!!  Early in the program I noticed that the quality of my sleep was improving and now I actually wake up feeling rested and more energized to kick life goals

I’d call that a major WIN!

I’ve gone from an XL shirt to comfortably fitting into a Medium, my pants have gone from a size 36 to now wearing size 32 and feel a million bucks. My habits have changed and I am now on a much healthier path. Without carrying the extra kilos, I have now returned to Martial Arts, and other sports at 50 which is something I thought was out of my reach.

50 is my new 40!!!!

Through the LTLA program we have achieved our health goals and have found a passion and purpose in supporting others to do what we did.   

We have now trained to become LTLA Mentors so that we can support others to achieve their health and weight loss goals quickly and with support. Together we’ve learnt so much about food, what works for the body and how simple clean food is to incorporate into your daily busy life.

We can support you individually, as a couple or a team to meet your health goals.  Whether that be weight loss with or without exercise, (we did it without) gut repair or just increasing your energy levels, mental clarity & confidence.

No matter what your goals, we will give you all the resources and ongoing coaching and support to actually get results FAST. You will have access to our incredible support group with our Program Formulators, access to our LTLA ‘Chefs’ in our Recipe Group, meal plans, food lists, reading material, videos and all the inspiration you will ever need & much more!

Reach out now and let’s get started.

Which program is right for you?

Weight Loss

Lose weight quickly & permanently. We have the missing link to sustainable weight loss.

A quick, easy to follow, affordable program, with no exercise, just movement where you eat normal everyday food.

Gut Repair

Repair your gut & retrain your body to function normally again giving you increased energy & vitality. 

Also, eliminate reflux, digestive issues, bloating, skin problems, fatigue, poor moods, achy joints, food allergies, headaches etc.

LBS Plus Exercise

If you love to exercise but need to lose weight, get fit & build muscle, this program is for you.

Get your very own on-line Personal Trainer, lose weight, repair your gut & body sculpt permanently with this holistic exercise program.

Collagen Loading

Collagen is essential for a long healthy life and most people don’t have enough of it.

Reduce joint inflammation and nourish your skin. Increase energy, lean muscle mass, & repair your gut forever.

Ready to feel in control of your life again?

Get your free 6 step guide to ‘get control in your life’ and we will add you to the LTLA facebook group where you’ll have access to more free information and see how we have helped thousands of others transform their lives.

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