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From my teenage years, I’ve battled with being overweight, a struggle that deeply affected my self-esteem and continues to impact me. Despite trying numerous diets and attending exercise classes, nothing seemed to work long-term—I would lose weight only to regain it, leaving me feeling defeated and trapped in a cycle of temporary success.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis, which brought additional challenges. Certain foods would exacerbate my condition, causing significant discomfort. It was a constant battle to identify and avoid these triggers, but even that wasn’t enough to prevent the frequent flare-ups.

However, my perspective began to shift when I joined the LTLA Facebook group. Seeing others share stories remarkably similar to mine, stories of struggle turned into success, sparked a hope in me that I hadn’t felt in years. This community led me to start my LTLA journey, and it has been transformative.

Since embracing the LTLA lifestyle, I’ve made significant strides towards a healthier body and a clearer mind. It’s not just about shedding weight—it’s about understanding my body’s needs and learning how to meet them without feeling restricted or overwhelmed. The journey hasn’t been without its challenges, but the support and guidance from LTLA have been crucial in every step of progress I’ve made.

Now, I’m passionate about helping others who are trapped in similar cycles of frustration and failure. If you’re tired of complicated, restrictive diets that don’t work, or if you feel overwhelmed by trying to manage your health issues alone, I’m here to guide you. My approach is simple, practical, and tailored to fit into your busy lifestyle. Together, we can find foods that nourish you without causing discomfort, create manageable and sustainable health routines, and build a community of support that empowers you.

I understand the feelings of judgement and the shame that often come with weight issues and health struggles. You’re not alone, and you’re not destined to stay stuck where you are. With LTLA, we can work together to transform your health challenges into a journey of recovery and self-discovery.

Join me, and let’s embrace a life where you feel empowered, healthy, and connected. Your journey to ‘learn to live again’ starts here. Thank you, LTLA, for this incredible opportunity to turn my life around and help others do the same!

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Weight Loss

Lose weight quickly & permanently. We have the missing link to sustainable weight loss.

A quick, easy to follow, affordable program, with no exercise, just movement where you eat normal everyday food.

Gut Repair

Repair your gut & retrain your body to function normally again giving you increased energy & vitality. 

Also, eliminate reflux, digestive issues, bloating, skin problems, fatigue, poor moods, achy joints, food allergies, headaches etc.

LBS Plus Exercise

If you love to exercise but need to lose weight, get fit & build muscle, this program is for you.

Get your very own on-line Personal Trainer, lose weight, repair your gut & body sculpt permanently with this holistic exercise program.

Collagen Loading

Collagen is essential for a long healthy life and most people don’t have enough of it.

Reduce joint inflammation and nourish your skin. Increase energy, lean muscle mass, & repair your gut forever.

Ready to feel in control of your life again?

Get your free 6 step guide to ‘get control in your life’ and we will add you to the LTLA facebook group where you’ll have access to more free information and see how we have helped thousands of others transform their lives.

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