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For the last few years I had started to feel bloated and just couldn’t shift the way I was feeling.  Until lockdown in early 2020, I had been working full time, so breakfast was on the go and lunch often while sitting at my desk.  Whilst being furloughed, I kept myself active and was outside in the garden everyday but still had the same feeling and I thought I was eating healthily.

I knew I needed to change something, so I started to think about what I needed to do differently.

Even though I had tried so many different things, from cutting out certain foods, to eating less of others, nothing was really working so I became quite despondent.  I was starting to feel that this was just how I am now and nothing I tried was going to work.

 I heard about LTLA from a school friend, and she explained to me the many benefits of the Gut Repair program, which she herself had done.  That was it, I was sold, she became my mentor, supported me and gave advice all the way through.  My gut is now so much better, and the bloating has gone.  I have enjoyed finding new recipes using the foods that are gentler for the gut and as I love cooking, it really has been an enjoyable time for me.  I now feel normal again.

Not only did I turn my health around, I also found my passion & purpose, which has led me to become a LTLA Trained Mentor. I now teach others how to quickly & safely lose weight, regain their health and live happier, more fulfilled lives.

Let me help you achieve what I have achieved. I can show you how to get more out of life. Whether that be weight loss with or without exercise, gut repair or just increasing your energy levels, mental clarity & confidence.

No matter what your goals, I will give you all the resources including our incredible support group with our Program Formulators, access to our Chefs in our Recipe Group, meal plans, food lists, reading material, videos and all the inspiration you will ever need & much more!

Which program is right for you?

Weight Loss

Lose weight quickly & permanently. We have the missing link to sustainable weight loss.

A quick, easy to follow, affordable program, with no exercise, just movement where you eat normal everyday food.

Gut Repair

Repair your gut & retrain your body to function normally again giving you increased energy & vitality. 

Also, eliminate reflux, digestive issues, bloating, skin problems, fatigue, poor moods, achy joints, food allergies, headaches etc.

LBS Plus Exercise

If you love to exercise but need to lose weight, get fit & build muscle, this program is for you.

Get your very own on-line Personal Trainer, lose weight, repair your gut & body sculpt permanently with this holistic exercise program.

Collagen Loading

Collagen is essential for a long healthy life and most people don’t have enough of it.

Reduce joint inflammation and nourish your skin. Increase energy, lean muscle mass, & repair your gut forever.

Ready to feel in control of your life again?

Get your free 6 step guide to ‘get control in your life’ and we will add you to the LTLA facebook group where you’ll have access to more free information and see how we have helped thousands of others transform their lives.

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