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Sick of yo-yo dieting & wasting money?

There are countless programs & products out there that ‘work’, however what happens when you finish them? Usually, you end up putting all the weight (& more) back on! 

We get to the root cause of weight issues by genuinely repairing your gut and lowering your Body Weight Set Point. This is the missing link and means your weight loss is quick & permanent!

A healthy gut is the key to a healthy life! 

Over time, most of us damage our gut through poor lifestyle choices.

This results in day-to-day issues & complaints that most of us just learnt to live with.  

Poor gut health, however, can also lead to serious problems & conditions. 

We help you undo the damage you have done so you can be back on that path to optimal health again.

Exercise alone does not result in sustainable weight loss!  

If you love to exercise and want to lose weight, tone & body sculpt, this program will deliver the results you desire, all from the comfort of your own home in just 90 Days. 

In addition to the exercise component, you will be given food lists, meal plans & guidance on nutritional supplements also repair your gut and learn how to use everyday nutritional foods to achieve optimum results.

95% of people are collagen deficient – Are you one of them?

Do you suffer from dull, dry or ageing skin? Do you have thinning or loss of hair? Are your nails brittle and slow growing?  Are you losing flexibility and finding your joints are aching?

If this is you, there is an answer! This 30-day Program is a fast-track solution to these issues that will also help you build lean muscle mass which is essential for body shaping and longevity.

Ready to feel in control of your life again?

Get your free 6 step guide to ‘get control in your life’ and we will add you to the LTLA facebook group where you’ll have access to more free information and see how we have helped thousands of others transform their lives.

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