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It is embarrassing to say that I had let myself go that much. I knew that I had gotten big but never realized just how big until I took these photos.

Since joining LTLA ( Learn To Live Again )back in September my life has changed in more ways than one. First of all I can say I have gotten my health back. I can’t remember the last time I have felt this healthy. No more aches and pains and no more pain meds and anti-inflammatories. Secondly I got my happiness back.

I have started to look at life again through rose colored glasses. I am a much happier person than I use to be. I have gone from a cant be bothered kind of person to a person that says yes a lot more. Lastly I have found my passion again. I look forward to seeing what every new day brings me. I have become a LTLA mentor and am now helping so many others get their life and their passion for life back. I can help you too. If you are still sitting on the fence and wanting to make a change but are afraid to take that first step. Please do it. You are worth it. You deserve it. Put yourself first.







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