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The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

Most people who lose weight end up putting all the weight (and sometimes a bit more) back on!

Ever wondered why that is?

It’s nothing to do with will power or lack of determination. It’s got a lot to do with one aspect of body weight called the Body Weight Set Point and most diets and exercise plans don’t address it. That’s what makes LTLA different and why so many people lose weight permanently with us.

Let me explain…

Our bodies really are truly remarkable and their ability to keep going, under extreme conditions is incredible. One of the bodies ways of doing this is by keeping itself in balance. It’s called homeostasis and there are a number of ‘homeostatic’ control mechanisms in our bodies including our blood pressure, blood glucose levels, pH levels and our body core temperature.

Think of it like this. When you get cold, you shiver and when you get too hot, you sweat. ‘You’ don’t control that…your body does. It’s automatic and that is your body regulating your body temperature back to the correct point. It’s getting your temperature back in balance, back in homeostasis.

Now, your body also has a unconscious control mechanism called “The Body Weight Set Point”. This has been recognised in science for over 60 years, however it’s virtually unknown by clinicians, doctors or individuals and it is rarely addressed in diets and exercise.

This is a simple explanation of how it works:

For most people, (there are always exceptions) if you under calorise (i.e., consume less calories than you use each day) you lose weight. Your body weight drops, however your body weight set point remains the same. As soon as you stop under calorising, the body weight set point ‘drags’ your weight back to the set point. In other words, you put the weight back on.

If you were to over calorise for a short period of time and put on weight, as soon as you revert back to a healthy calorie balanced diet, your body weight set point would ‘drag’ your weight back down to the set point.

The Body Weight Set Point is “Set” is where the body functions at a healthy weight for most people and that’s why it always wants to remain there.

The problem is that for many people, over time, they put on weight, usually through poor food choices, in particular, highly processed foods that not only put on weight but damage the gut lining. Because this weight gain is often a gradual, continual process, it ‘tricks’ the body weight set point and causes the set point to rise.

It basically says to the body…”Well if you are not going to come back down to me, I will come up to you, because I must be in balance with you!!”

And that’s, when someone goes on a diet or an exercise program and they lose weight, as soon as they stop the weight goes back on and the Body Weight Set Point usually says “ I didn’t like you going down there, and now that you are back in balance, I am going to go up a bit just to be sure’ Hence people often up heavier than before as their bodies are trying to defend the lost weight.

What makes our weight loss programs different is that we not only focus on weight loss, we focus on lowering the Body Weight Set Point at the same time, by undoing the damage you invariably would have done to your gut over time. By lowering the set point there will be a pleasant side effect of weight loss, which holds because the body is now comfortable with the lowered weight.

So, if you do go out for that big weekend and put on weight, your body weight set point will ‘drag’ your weight back down as soon as you revert back to normal healthy balanced eating!

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