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Weight Loss Program

3 Simple Steps to
Lose Weight Permanently

The missing link to permanent weight loss

Correct Nutritional Deficiencies, Repair the Gut & Lower the Body Weight Set Point

Diets don’t work because they do not get to the root cause of weight issues.

Yes, you will probably lose weight on most diets or exercise programs, however the minute you stop, you will usually regain the weight and end up heavier than when you started. 

Sound familiar?

Without changing the way your body functions and by not lowering your Body Weight Set Point, the only way to keep weight off is to permanently be on a diet/exercise program or have enormous will power.

Let’s face it, neither option gives you a happy and healthy life!

So why are we any different?

Designed by Esha Dwight, B.N.Sc.(Hons), N.D. Australasia’s leading expert on weight loss and gut health; this program is the culmination of 35 years’ experience in the industry and incorporates the very latest scientific and Naturopathic research.

All of our programs are designed to “Reset” the way your body functions, back to a healthy state. Even though, your weight loss will be very quick, our programs do not give short term fixes – they give long term sustainable solutions. 

We incorporate eight principles of lowering the Body Weight Set Point which, when combined with healing the gut, means your weight loss is not only quick – it’s permanent.

In simple terms – we genuinely repair your gut and lower your Body Weight Set Point!

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The Body Weight Set Point

This principle has been known by scientists & researchers for over 60 years, however it is not commonly known by practitioners and the general public.

Understanding this principle and the relationship between the gut & weight is what sets us apart and means…

No More Yo-Yo Dieting!

A quick, safe, affordable 30 to 60-day program for both women & men that repairs the gut and lowers the Body Weight Set Point.
Comprehensive Allowable Food Lists, Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Product Guide & Daily Routine & Getting Started Guide. Weight Loss & Measurement tracker.
One on one coaching and support from our Mentors that have been on the program and are trained by fully qualified gut repair and weight loss experts.

Real everyday nutritious foods, available from supermarkets or your local produce market, no shakes and no exercise, just movement.


Program Breakdown


Transition Phase
(72 hours)

This is where you remove the foods that have been causing you symptoms such as bloating, indigestion & mood swings and replace them with enjoyable, yet low reactive alternatives.

During this time, you will start to balance your blood sugar levels, start to feel more energetic, have less cravings and your body will start to utilise its own body fat as an energy source.

We have created an exclusive Transition Phase Allowable Food List which is designed to be anti-inflammatory & alkalising. 

This is a key preparation component for Phase 2 of the program.


Weight Loss Phase
(27 days)

The majority of your weight loss will occur during this short period. You will be given an easy to follow, specialised Phase 2 Allowable Food List & Meal Plan and of course a much needed shopping list – plus all the support you need from your LTLA trained Mentor.

Phase 2 is the gut repair & fat burning stage.

By taking your products and following the food lists, you will start to balance your insulin levels resulting in less fat storage

This means you will experience more energy & well-being as you body starts to come back into balance.


Maintain Phase
(30 days)

Now that you have reached your goal weight, we move into the Maintain Phase, where we ‘lock in’ your new lowered Body Weight Set Point.

This phase will normally last 30 days, however can be less depending on progress. This is where we start to re-introduce additional food groups and begin to really teach you how to live healthily for the rest of your life.

If you have a larger amount of weight to lose, the Maintain Phase is used as a rest period, in advance of repeating Phases 1 & 2 to lose your remaining weight.

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5-Day Drop

Lose 2.5kgs to 4(+) kgs & kickstart your metabolism (5 Days)

No time for a 30-day program? This is for you!
Water weight, inflammation, digestive bulk, and FAT weight are 4 types of stubborn weight that will vanish during your 5-Day Drop!
Anyone can do 5 days. You will be amazed at the results and how easy it is.
One 5-Day Drop program last for 3 rounds, so you can do it multiple times to lose more weight or a regular reset.


Reset & Energise

Lose weight quickly & permanently and optimise your gut health (60 Days)

In addition to permanently locking in your new lowered Body Weight Set Point, this program focuses on giving you optimal gut health.

Your weight loss will be quicker and by undoing the damage to your gut, you will discover levels of energy and inner self confidence you did not think possible.

Take back control and live your very best life the LTLA Way.


Ultimate Transformation

Lose weight quickly & permanently, optimise your gut & skin,  shape your body (60 Days)

As well as permanently lowering your Body Weight Set Point and gaining optimal gut health, you will also start to build lean muscle mass, which is essential for good body composition and shaping.

This program is for those who are serious about taking their health to the next level, want a whole body transformation & really want to feel fantastic on the inside and look amazing on the outside.













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