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What do you think about detox?

For many people it can be very confusing and in some instances conjures up all sorts of negative images and perceptions.  OK… Let’s see what it really means.

Given you are reading this you may have a keen interest in health and believe in the old saying – ‘prevention is better than cure’ (it’s easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened) OR you are suffering from any or many of the following health symptoms:

  • Low energy
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain
  • Weight plateauing
  • Slow or fuzzy thinking. Poor concentration
  • Bad breath
  • Body odour
  • Muscle aches & pains
  • Low immunity
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Mood swings
  • Bowel disorders

Think about it, practitioners have been telling us for years to have a regular detox or spring cleanse and to look after our gut. For over 35 years now I’ve trained all our practitioners and now LTLA Mentors to understand the significance of cleansing the gut for health and well-being, however a lot of people don’t really understand the concept of detox and cleansing and it certainly has had its fair share of bad press. The proof is in the pudding (healthy one of course!) though and when done right, a gut cleanse is an essential step towards optimal gut health, which means optimal well-being.

In my opinion the gut forms the basis of our health. It protects us against bugs, digests nutrients and it houses our trillions of microbes necessary for good health. Poor gut health is now known to be linked to a myriad of health conditions and diseases [i]

A gut cleanse is a necessary step in repairing a poor gut, however before you do this you need an awareness of all the contributing factors that lead to gut issues.

Toxic exposure is seemingly unavoidable in our modern world. Apart from the normal wear and tear of life, a lot of people don’t understand that there are also a large number of factors that may increase the toxin load upon your body (and gut) including: medications and chemical exposure through garden/household and personal care products.

Toxins are not only an external problem; they can also be generated internally (yes, your body can be this little toxic recycling factory if the bowels and liver are sluggish etc), by a poor diet & eating the wrong foods.

Processed food and chemical exposure to insecticides, herbicides, heavy metals and solvents can all create an imbalance of ‘unfriendly’ bacteria, yeasts and parasites that may be already in your system.

So how do we know that we are exposed to toxins?

Let’s first look at the industry you are in. Hairdressers, beauticians, nail technicians, gardeners, painters, industrial workers, some tradespeople, farmers, radiologist, pilots and flight attendants all are exposed to chemicals that can be found to be damaging to a person’s health is some way.

Don’t despair though as there are lots you can do. Your body is amazing and has numerous complex mechanisms to help eliminate all these toxins. It will always work with you if you give it the right conditions and nutrients however work against your body and your system can be overwhelmed if you produce, consume or absorb more toxins than you can easily clear from your body.

Our LTLA Gut Repair Program has specifically been developed to enable all your major organs to work optimally and we use a combination of specific products to achieve this. Our preferred supplier, Modere products are all 100% natural, of the highest possible standard and TGA approved.

We understand that not everyone is ready to do a full Gut Repair Program, however taking a few detox products will be enough to support toxin clearance through major organs, leaving you feeling healthy and energetic.

Our products can be used individually to begin to repair your gut and improve the efficiency of your major elimination organs:

Here are the top areas to focus on:

Removal Make sure your bowel is working efficiently. Aloe Vera juice will help you remove built up material from the bowel. Aloe Vera offers a unique nutritional profile and natural antioxidant support to help soothe the digestive tract.

Cleanse – Remove dysbiotic organisms (parasites, fungi etc) and waste from the digestive system.  The following ingredients can prove to be really beneficial: wormwood, mugwort, clove, pawpaw, garlic, pumpkin, aniseed, pomegranate, white walnut, grapefruit and pau d’arco. Colostrum can be of particular help as it contains immunoglobulins which aid in the removal of foreign microbes from the gut.

Restoration – Once you have removed the bad gut flora you will need to recolonise the bowel microflora and replenish your natural healthy bacteria with a quality Probiotic. A symbiotic containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis strains will help to maintain an optimum balance of ‘good’ bacteria within the intestines. By restoring and maintaining a healthy bacterial balance, you can reduce digestive discomfort and support normal digestive function and overall well-being.

Support- So after doing all of the above we need to support the liver so it can release toxins at maximum efficiency. Here are the key ingredients to look for. Liver Health contains St Marys Thistle which protects the liver and aids in the nourishment and renewal of the liver. Broccoli, vitamin E and alpha lipoic acid may also be of assistance. Grape seed extract, vitamin C and beta carotene act as powerful antioxidants which are beneficial for all tissues and will aid the detoxification process.

This final stage supports the liver so it can release toxins at maximum efficiency. Antioxidants aid the detoxification process by reducing oxidative stress on the liver. Oh, and you can always add in Green Qi to help support an alkalising effect during this time.

OK, so for those of you that know me you know I would go here…as well as the specific ingredients and products recommended for a quick detox, always remember a healthy diet reduces the toxic load on your body. It’s like a car really…the better the fuel you provide, the more efficiently it can operate. Look for a fresh organic seasonal fruit and vegetables emphasis on fresh. Wherever possible avoid packaged and processed foods, reduce sugars and salt, and eliminate artificial colours, flavours, additives, stabilisers, flavour enhancers and hydrogenated fats. Pay attention to what’s on the label!

By looking at your lifestyle (what you eat and when you eat it) and environment (chemicals you put on and around your body), you can minimise the amount of toxins entering your body and reduce the overall effect they can have on your well-being.

You only get one body; it’s up to you to give it the best possible care…

[i] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4425030/


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