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For years, I battled with a serious brain condition. In 2016, surgery brought me a brief respite, a period where I could enjoy life with my family. But my world turned upside down when, two years later, another inoperable growth emerged. Overwhelmed with fear and burdened with thoughts of leaving my children behind, I felt trapped in a really dark place.

The medication I was on contributed to significant weight gain, pushing me into obesity. Each day was a battle with fatigue, and I dreaded glimpses of myself in the mirror. My self-esteem went down-hill, and my home felt like the only refuge from the judging eyes of the world.

But within this darkness, I found a beacon of hope – LTLA. Skeptical yet desperate for a change, I embraced the program wholeheartedly. It wasn’t just about shedding weight – over 25 kgs so far – it was about rediscovering ‘me’. I replaced my daily fatigue with vibrant energy, healed my gut, and most importantly, I learnt to face each day with a newfound confidence. My journey continues, but I know I will never go back to where I was.

Now, I have a burning passion to guide others on this journey. to change. I have found my passion in life!

I understand the frustration, the fears, and the skepticism. Like many of you, I’ve been there – feeling lost, angry, and scared. But I’m here to show you that it’s possible to reignite that spark within you.

To all the mums out there who feel overwhelmed, who cry in secret, who long to feel attractive and worthy again – I see you. I’ve lived your pain, and I’ve walked the path to a brighter, healthier life. I’ve helped women across the globe reclaim their confidence, energy, and joy. It’s not just about losing weight; it’s about gaining a life where you feel loved, valued, and vibrant.

If my story resonates with you, if you’re yearning for change but feel chained by doubt and past failures, I’m here to guide you. This isn’t just another program – it’s a journey to rediscovering your worth and transforming your life.

One crucial thing I learned was there is never a perfect time to decide to change and act. I put it off for far to long. Don’t wait. You deserve more. You are so much more!

Reach out, fill in the enquiry form, and let’s embark on this journey together.

It’s time to find ‘you’ again.

Which program is right for you?

Weight Loss

Lose weight quickly & permanently. We have the missing link to sustainable weight loss.

A quick, easy to follow, affordable program, with no exercise, just movement where you eat normal everyday food.

Gut Repair

Repair your gut & retrain your body to function normally again giving you increased energy & vitality. 

Also, eliminate reflux, digestive issues, bloating, skin problems, fatigue, poor moods, achy joints, food allergies, headaches etc.

LBS Plus Exercise

If you love to exercise but need to lose weight, get fit & build muscle, this program is for you.

Get your very own on-line Personal Trainer, lose weight, repair your gut & body sculpt permanently with this holistic exercise program.

Collagen Loading

Collagen is essential for a long healthy life and most people don’t have enough of it.

Reduce joint inflammation and nourish your skin. Increase energy, lean muscle mass, & repair your gut forever.

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